This four-part virtual PD series will explore adaptive leadership concepts and support participants to diagnose a leadership challenge ahead, explore its adaptive components through a bit of theory, plan for how to manage yourself, and create an intervention.You will benefit from the feedback and thoughts of your peer leaders. Most importantly, you will have the chance to think deeply about the adaptive components of the days ahead.  


Audience: APs, Principals, and Principal Managers


Timing: Based on demand


Tuition: $300                                                                                                                                                  Email us to learn more 


The COVID-19 pandemic and the spotlight on the Black Lives Matter movement has called upon us to tap into our empathy and willingness to honor the lived experiences of others more than ever before. We know that empathy is a muscle that we need to build and a skill we need to intentionally cultivate. Also, we can't pour from empty cups and most of us have experienced compassion fatigue. Join us as we learn new ways to demonstrate empathy while also refueling ourselves. We will be led by Michael Tennant, the creator of Actually Curious and CEO of Curiosity Lab, which was featured in the New York Times

Audience: All are welcome.  And -- this session is different than the traditional professional development that we have offered to our wider audiences.  Transparently, it may not be for everyone, and that is okay. We ask that participants turn on their cameras, share vulnerably, speak their truth, and show love.   


Timing: January 27th from 12:00 - 1:30PM ET                                                                                              RSVP by January 25th


We will host two article discussions centered on the two pandemics rattling our country right now: deep structural racism and the COVID-19 pandemic’s unequal impact.  Together, we will discuss and grapple with timely texts through a turnkey protocol participants can then use with their teams.  Articles will be sent as prereads in advance.


Audience: all are welcome, 30 minutes of prereading required


Timing:  [early 2021]           


Through four individual coaching meetings and a team survey, leaders will explore four domains related to resilient leadership and strengthen their ability to lead during these challenging times. 

Audience: School leaders in any role


Timing: Six weeks in duration, flexible start, express interest here 


Cost: $600                                                                      

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