Leadership development across levels is a critical component of increasing the overall effectiveness of any school or network. We believe that deepening a school's internal bench is of crucial importance to long-term success. Our Teacher Leadership work aims to offer schools and LEA's scaffolded development as instructors begin to hone their leadership skills. 

We help schools and networks define the Teacher Leadership role and push our Teacher Leaders to increase their level of expertise and leadership in the areas of planning, data analysis, program implementation, and student achievement. Our Teacher Leadership development work is rooted in a shared understanding of equity and demonstration of conscientious practice. In addition, we know that teacher leaders must demonstrate academic leadership that holds all students to a high standard. We assist networks in creating systems in which Teacher Leaders are held responsible for instructional walkthroughs, professional development, demonstrating best practices in instruction and the planning and implementation of one key initiative. 

Our work with schools who are implementing teacher leadership programs has included but is not limited to:

  • Our partnership with Urban Teachers to support alumni to develop leadership skills as they stay in the classroom or move into Teacher Leader roles

  • Building a competency aligned rubric

  • Facilitating the leadership and management growth of all Teacher Leaders, with early exposure to Assistant Principal level responsibilities, aligned to the School Leader Lab and Relay approach

  • Providing customized and practice based leadership training for Teacher Leaders

  • Creating a space for Teacher Leaders to collaborate and build stronger relationships with one another.


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