We partner with schools and school networks to build their capacity for instructional leader development.  Our work is grounded in the belief that a diverse and deep internal bench of leaders is critical to sustaining high-quality schools. 


Our projects are highly collaborative and customized to the needs of our partner schools and leaders.

We are eager to partner with individual schools and organizations as they plan for a rapidly evolving education landscape.  Our team is comprised entirely of former school leaders who can collaborate with schools to strategize around, design, or lead teacher and leader development. 


Areas could include: summer training, approaches to year-long teacher and leader development, implementation of Relay levers, equity trainings, adult culture trainings, leader onboarding plans, or approaches to fostering team health and wellness.  You can share your interest here.  We are open to collaboration in areas not mentioned above as well.

Recent projects include: 

  • Instructional team strategy planning and implementation support

  • Development of a teacher leader competency-based rubric and execution of a custom teacher leader development program

  • Instructional leadership team expansion, transition planning, and one on one development and coaching